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  • 5 fun things to do with your pooch this Easter

    Easter is just around the corner. And while you can't treat your pooch to a chocolate egg, you can enjoy these 4 fun activities with them. 
  • Are Two Dogs Easier Than One?

    As an owner of one dog, I know I always have that thought 'should I get another dog to keep Duke company' and I've heard many other one dog families echo the same question.  We all get that guilt of leaving our pup when we head out to work, when it's raining too hard to take them to the park, or when we have to skip their evening walk because Aunty Jane and Uncle Bob turn up unexpectedly for dinner. So when the opportunity popped up to look after another dog for 10 days we jumped at the chance to experience being a two dog family. 
  • So you're thinking of getting an Airedale Terrier

    Prior to getting Duke, we really didn't see many Airedale Terriers around, now we have 4 Airedales that frequent our local dog park. It appears that Airedales are becoming more and more popular, so we thought we'd share our experience of owning an Airedale Terrier with you. 
  • Essential Puppy Checklist

    Firstly congratulations on the new addition to your family! Now, I'm going to be totally honest; when we adopted Duke, we went completely overboard on buying puppy 'essentials' (up to the sum of $800!) that we didn't need. I did the thing that all new parents do, I panic bought. I thought I needed to have every possible single item when in reality I only needed a few key things. And let's face it, if you suddenly realise you need something you don't have, you can just run out to the local shops, or order online.
  • Essential Dog Road Trip Tips!

    If you follow us on Instagram, you would have seen our story updates of our recent family road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians. We specifically planned a road trip as we wanted to take our furbaby Duke with us. Here are our top tips for a successful and happy dog-friendly road trip. 
  • Dukes Designs earns a place in the Australian Dog Lovers '18 Best Summer Dog Accessories for 2018'

    The Pineapple Combo designed by Dukes Designs earned a place in Australian Dog Lovers '18 Best Summer Dog Accessories for 2018'.