Dog and baby - Dukes top tips

Melbourne, 26 June 2019 - Just over a month ago, my pawrents bought home the smallest human I have ever seen, and my life’s completely changed! 

Here are my top tips for bringing a baby home to your furbaby. 

Organise someone to look after your pooch while you’re in labour/at hospital 

Mum started to make some funny faces and funny noises, I tried to comfort her while we waited for dad to get home from work. When he arrived they gathered up some of my essentials (food, bowl etc) and dropped me at my friend Freddie the Airedale’s house for a sleep over!  The next day, I was really excited when dad came to pick me up and take me home, but then he disappeared again to collect Mum. So I waited patiently for them to return with my grandparents.

Tip: if your pooch has not stayed over at their furfriends house before, do a practice run! 

Creating a safe introduction 

Mum came through the door. She looked a little less round, and a lot more tired! She gave me a big hug and lots of attention. Then she put me behind the baby gates, and dad came in carry this tiny human. I was really excited and wanted to meet her, but they waited for me to calm down first. Then, after they put her in her crib I was allowed to come over an say hello. She looked so sweet and quiet (how that changed). The next day, my pawrents let me get closer to her and give her kisses (well I’m not actually meant to give her kisses, but I snuck a few head licks). Now I help mum do everything with the baby. 

Tip: bring home a baby blanket from the hospital for your pooch to smell before the baby comes home. Let mum come in first alone, as your doggy would have missed her. Once the dog is calm bring in the baby. You know your dog best so decide how close you’re going to allow them to get. Remember to never leave a dog and baby unsupervised. 

Involving your pooch

One thing my pawrents didn’t warn me about was the sleepless nights! Mum kept getting up in the night to feed the baby, initially I wanted to keep her company so I’d get up too. But after about a week, I realised mum knew what she was doing, so now I leave them to it (and boy am I pleased I was really struggling with the lack of sleep). But it’s OK as I keep mum company with all her other baby chores.

Tip: your pooch might want to ‘help’ you. Let them feel involved in a safe manner. 

Toys and treats

Mum and dad have bought me a couple of new dog toys and treats that I love playing with! I can see lots of other toys that look like fun, but I can’t reach them behind the baby gates - apparently they are just for the baby.

Tip: stock up on some occupier toys/treats for your pooch- there will be some days when it takes you two hours to leave the house for your dog walk, and they can really help keep your pooch entertained while you feed/change/soothe the baby. Show your pooch the babies toys, but let him/her know they are not for them. 

Why not treat your pooch to a new collar while your at it, check out our range of collars and leashes here. 


Dad still takes me on my morning walk, and I go on my group dog walks three times a week. I really enjoy getting out of the house (especially when the baby is crying). I’ve been on a couple of walks with mum and baby - but geez it can take us a long time to leave the house! 

At the dog park some of my friends can get excited when they see the pram. They jump up to say hello to the baby. It’s OK as she’s snug in her basket, and Mum stays close. 

Tip: do a couple of practice walks with your dog and pram before the baby arrives. And try to keep your dogs walking schedule consistent - which might mean hiring a dog walker for a few weeks/months. 

Hide the dirty nappies! 

Oh boy do dirty nappies smell good! Mum and dad keep the dirty nappies in a bin hidden away from me. When dad takes the bin out, I like to run up behind him to try and steal the bag! I’ve heard a lot of my friends like doing this too!

Tip: do WHATEVER you can to keep the dog away from the nappy bin! It will end in disaster! 

Share your dog and baby stories with us! Tag @dukesdesigns_petstore in your dog and baby photos. 


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