Dog-Friendly Wineries in McLaren Vale, Adelaide

Dog-Friendly Wineries in McLaren Vale, Adelaide 

Melbourne, 24 July 2019 - Dogs and Wine - is there anything else you could possibly ask for? We recently visited McLaren Vale with Duke, and we were so impressed with the range of dog-friendly wineries that we wanted to share our favourite spots. 

Lazy Ballerina 

Absolutely beautiful garden and staff. The garden has some seating available, but you're also welcome to bring picnic blankets to sit on. Lots of shade to keep your pooch undercover. The car park also has lots of shady spots to keep the car cool.  Staff instantly bought us a water bowl for Duke and seemed generally pleased to see him/give him attention.  Being 20 weeks pregnant at the time we visited, I was unable to drink so staff changed the tasting platter to cater for my dietary requirements, and even mixed me up a special alcohol-free cocktail (bonus points!). Dogs are required to stay on a leash.

Alpha Box and Dice

Quirky, and dare I say, hipster, winery. Amazingly friendly staff, and amazing wine (so my partner tells me, all I could do was smell!). Duke was allowed inside (on leash) while my partner completed his wine tasting, which meant I didn't have to sit outside by myself. They even had dog-friendly treats.

Samuel's Gorge 

Relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and great wine. Duke was allowed inside and off lead (although we kept him on, as we had visions of him knocking over hundreds of bottles of wine). When we entered we were greeted with friendly smiles and told we could take a seat whereever we wanted as the staff would come to us to complete the wine tasting (so no standing up at a crowded bar). Staff instantly bought over a bucket (yes bucket) of water for Duke. Great wine, try the sparkling Shiraz. We could have stayed here for hours.

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